lark's tongue

7.12 - WARP ZONE - Peoria, Illinois - WARP ZONE FEST II: DAY 2 with Eltoro, МЯТЕЖ, People's Temple Project, Among Light, Fancy Hawk, Yusuke, Gas Up Your Hearse, Time Machine Guns, The Oceanographers, Arcade at Midnight, Hive Mind


7.11 - WARP ZONE - Peoria, Illinois - WARP ZONE FEST II: DAY 1 with Black the Sky, Cold Grip, Goliath, The Cambodian Heat, Zack Hollander, Asthma, Reduced to Instinct, Werepire Day, Scorched Earth

men of fortune

5.31 - LIMELIGHT EVENTPLEX - Peoria, Illinois - GENERATIONS SHOWCASE: with Jimy Sohns, Ronnie Rice, Tina Sparkle, FUE, Sin Thetic, Dead Language, The Rave, The UnXpected