Men of Fortune

For many years, Men of Fortune have pondered the corrosion and confusion that have swept this land. Unending war. Strange and disturbing weather. The collapse of finance, business, government, religion. A culture medicated and mechanized.

All civilizations will fall, it is said—the question is simply when.

Formed as a duo in 2010, Men of Fortune are now the power trio they always were, with new bassist Mike Willey joining long-time musical collaborators Joel Madigan and Andrew Sledd (Two Girls, Magic Stuff, Leaves Aflame) in the fall of 2013.  After recording a three-song demo, Men of Fortune teamed up with label mates Lark’s Tongue for a split 12”, released on Bird Dialect in the fall of 2012, followed by their full-length debut, Time Lovingly Bled, in December 2013.

Theirs is a wormhole in time, spiraled psychedelia ringing an ever-expanding perimeter; galactic riffs, the coiled electric cry around the steady march; outer space sludgewashed blues, ground to earth by a command from on high, rejecting the false pretense of fortune, remembering true worth once again.

"Fray of Compassion"

Find in yourself the treasure of wealth
Excavators of old plumb the earth for the will
Reap in your mind the jewel of time
Miners of gold scour the earth, digging still
He of unending questions will see the face of love

From the fray of compassion, to solitude's ration
Revealed are the things he speaks of
He of restless heart and will
He that dares to roam

It's calling you forth to your home