Il Cattivo

Sprung from the creatively fertile streets of Denver, Colorado, Il Cattivo fuses heavy rock n’ roll to soul-bearing melody, promising nothing more than to get you moving. Formed in 2009, the band is a fixture on the Denver scene, comprised of Brian Hagman (Black Lamb), Matt Bellinger (Planes Mistaken for Stars, Ghost Buffalo), Jed Kopp (Ghost Buffalo), Arj Narayan (Black Acid Devil) and Matt Cavanaugh (Burn Sand Burn).

How to Assess Your Damages is the follow-up to the self-released 2011 debut, To Bring Low an Empire, and the band’s first vinyl release. Led by the incendiary dual-guitar attack of Bellinger and Narayan, with Hagman’s full-throated vocals occupying the seamy underbelly of melody, it’s a Molotov cocktail of soulful, post-hardcore eruption, a volatile mix that threatens to fall apart at any time, were it not for the rhythm section of Kopp and Cavanaugh that somehow holds it all together.

Prepare to be disarmed by a whirling dervish that grabs you quickly, busts you up and leaves you wanting more, with melodies that linger and simmer and evolve like mad in your head. Then flip the record and do it all over again.

Il Cattivo is catharsis, exorcism, a sacrificial offering—a desperate way to wring out all the love, hate, loneliness, passion and insanity worn unapologetically on their sleeves. Where wild abandon is regarded with suspicion, Il Cattivo plays rock n’ roll like their very lives depend on it. In some ways, they very well may. 


How to Assess Your Damages (EXALT-003)

  1. Never Know We’re Coming
  2. March First
  3. The Drugs Are Working
  4. Damages
  5. White Bodies
  6. Letters (From Cosmonauts)
  7. Don’t Want to Know If You Are Lonely
  8. (The Unenviable Burden of Her) Beautiful Face
  9. Jesuit

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