Action/Adventure - Salesman of the Year / California


At seven inches, Action/Adventure’s Bird Dialect debut contains such a wealth of guitar heroics, anthemic choruses and screaming lyrical cynicism that it may as well be seven miles. This is indie rock made by adults: muscular but subtle, approachable and confounding in equal measure.

Side A’s “Salesman of the Year” renders the dissolution of ambition as a triumphant cul-de-sac of lost hopes. Imagine a screamo Posies in black leather jackets, dreaming of kicking your ass, and you’re close to what A/A offers. On the flipside, “California” gives the hometown middle finger to hipster ideals and the empty promises of shangri-la. It’s pissed, ferocious and beautiful.

Action/Adventure sound a bit like the Rentals’ evil cousins, drinking all your beer and calling you out on your bullshit. This is rock majesty from elder statesmen: honest rock with deep roots and no blinders, living now. You can run from the past, but A/A knows you’ll never get far.

EXALT - 010.  Debut 7” single on Bird Dialect. Release: September 20, 2014

01. Salesman of the Year  02. California

Recorded by Action/Adventure. Mixed and mastered by Jeff Gregory at Earth Analog

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