Men of Fortune - Time Lovingly Bled

From the terrestrial base of Peoria, Illinois, Men of Fortune craft galactic battle hymns for the next millennium. Smokey and dense, their debut full-length is a hypnotic sojourn through rock, prog and psychedelia that’s both cosmic and muscular, ethereality tethered to the beating heart at the center of all. Marrying feral odes and dark lullabies, it’s a seduction consummated on wax as a sacrament for your own astral travels.

“Voices from the Void” begins somewhere between Santana and Queens of the Stone Age, a call to arms reminding us that men have always authored their own stories. From there we journey time and space, stabbing prog opera with a visceral metal assault, bleeding Red-era Crimson, laying siege to the inhuman bonds of ideology.

With bassist Mike Willey joining the rhythmic force of Andrew Sledd and trance-inducing riffs of Joel Madigan, Men of Fortune have become the power trio they always were. An epic passage of spirit, Time Lovingly Bled launches heavy cosmic jams far from the safety of Earth, but its weightless freefall never wears out its welcome.

1. Voices From the Void  2. Some Crystal Dawn  3. The Passing Shame  4. Only Believers  5. Nymphatic Meditation  6. Child of Earth

Recorded by Joel Madigan at Sound of Mind in Peoria, IL. Mixed by Sanford Parker at Hypercube in Chicago, IL. Mastered at Prairie Cat Mastering in Belvidere, IL.

Also available: Lark’s Tongue/Men of Fortune split 12” (EXALT-002)

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