Minsk - With Echoes in the Movement of Stone

  1. Three Moons  
  2. The Shore of Transcendence  
  3. Almitra's Premonition
  4. Means to an End  
  5. Crescent Mirror
  6. Pisgah
  7. Consumed by Horizons of Fire
  8. Requiem: From Substance to Silence

Bird Dialect is pleased to announce the long-awaited vinyl issue of Minsk's 2009 opus, With Echoes in the Movement of Stone, coming this June on 2xLP gatefold vinyl.

With Echoes… burns slow through twisted, psychedelic post-rock with equal parts bombast and deliberation. Minsk succeeds where other bands fail by marrying the range of human emotions with a vast sonic tapestry to create a provocative, stirring and supremely heavy album experience.

EXALT - 005