Lark's Tongue / Men of Fortune

LARK'S TONGUE digs alchemy, séance and amplification, a celestial marriage of harmony and distortion forged in the crucible of volume.

MEN OF FORTUNE combines elemental rhythms with galactic riffs, the dizzyingly hot rock equivalent of stratospheric re-entry.

Let the cosmic council now commence... a consciousness-expanding slice of wax available now on Bird Dialect.


Lark's Tongue: This Little Light of Mine / Black Sue / Three Seals 

Men of Fortune: Fray of Compassion / Strange Decay / The Strand / Lord of Time 

Recorded by Joel Madigan at Sound of Mind in Peoria, Illinois. Drums recorded at Nate's parent's barn in Washington, Illinois. Recording took place during October / November / December 2011. Concept/layout by Nate Lucas, Photography by Adam Gerik.

Lush and expansive, a little bit brooding, hauntingly psychedelic… with cool swoonsome background vocals, some seriously crunchy guitars, and world weary vocals, the songs laced with long stretches of droned out psych jam smolder, reminding us of Dead Meadow, sort of burnt out, sun dappled, hazy heaviness, which is even more evident on “Black Sue”, which sounds like stoner rock slowed down to a moody crawl, again the song wreathed in smoldering guitars, and dreamy reverby effects. The final track slows things down even further, and the band builds up to an explosive, but still slo-mo finale, all dirgey drumming, and swirling clouds of guitarnoise, and dreamy laconic vocals... Men of Fortune... is heavier, and dirgier, still psychedelic, a Midwestern noise rock, stop and start guitar churn, super dynamic, but soon, the sound blisses out, and in come super dramatic vocals, changing the tenor of the song big time, the vibe suddenly sort of gloomy and gothic, but when fused to the noise rock heft, makes for something pretty excellent. The other three songs also fuse noisy, stoner rock heaviness, and big riff crunch, even some weird electronics, to crooned dramatic gloominess, and sprawling gothic psychedelia.  

— Aquarius Records