Lark's Tongue - The Rope / Tucson, Arizona

...It seemed unlikely for the fire to die this way...

...Far away into the distance... across the great divide...


One sheet

RECORDED by Jeff Gregory at Tonelab in Peoria, Illinois on June 9/10, 2012. MASTERED by Josh Bonati at Bonati Mastering in Brooklyn, New York 

Dark, psychedelic shoegaze stoner pop, rife with heavy guitars, clean crooned vocals, and warm whirring organs, the songs simple and heartfelt, but disarmingly so, the A side offering up some washed out woozy jangle and warm muted crunch, and some seriously anthemic choruses, before suddenly exploding into a furious frenzied squall of wild psychguitar heaviness, and blissed out shoegaze heaviness. The flipside is more of a dark brooder, reminding us of a poppier, less slowcore True Widow, the instrumental passages are heavy and heady, tranced out and hypnotic, and the B side spends plenty of time chugging and churning hypnotically, the drum heavy, guitar swirled outro is a gorgeous chunk of spacey heaviness that we would have liked to see stretch out another ten or 15 minutes. 

— Aquarius Records 

Lark's Tongue fuse the sonic power of King Crimson with the catchy song phrasings of Swervedriver and dive headlong into compelling hefty rock scorchers that become embedded in your memory.  Thick guitar swaths and a steady rhythm section are backed by glimmering keyboard passages and melodic vocals bringing to mind latter day Jawbox, but with a healthy dose of Midwest pastoral heartfelt melancholy.  A triumphant first outing, we're hoping to hear more from these gents in the near future.  Recommended.

— Permanent Records Chicago

If you prefer your rock weighted down and dirge-y, then this is a group for you. It’s not easy toeing the line between metal and melody, but Lark’s Tongue does so without compromising any sludge. Sounding like the progeny of shoegazer and stoner rock, they saturate their songs with ethereal organ and smeared, delay-encrusted lead guitar, lightening the load of a thick low end.

— Smile Politely