...The Pilot Lights Again!!!

From 1989 to 1996, one band ruled the underground rock scene of central Illinois. Here in this ragged, tight-knit, all-ages network of Midwestern skate parks and legion halls — a time when punk and pop bands, ska and metal bands would all play together — they were our heroes.

With harmonies like angels and all the raw edge of punk, Dollface was a true band in every sense of the word, tapping our emotions with childlike glee, and backing up their willful abandon with a wicked sense of humor, stellar musicianship and refreshing lack of pretension. Their quirky pop tunes were the anthems of our youth. They were pop, they were punk, they were loud and snotty and silly, but mostly, they were rock n’ roll.

Despite a burst of regional success with Corvette Summer  and its brilliant follow-up, the unheralded Dollface Lights the Pilot!!!, Peoria’s answer to Urge Overkill, Cheap Trick and the Beatles never achieved the massive breakthrough that should have been theirs. But their music has stood the test of time, and on Valentine’s Day 2014 — in this 20th anniversary year of Corvette Summer — the pilot will light once again. Do ya wanna dance???  

Vinyl reissues: February 14, 2014 on Bird Dialect. 

Corvette Summer  (EXALT - 007):    1. Kick The Ball  2. Timi Yoro Song  3. Half A Chance  4. Opportunities  5. Valentine’s Day  6. No Duh No Doi  7. Astronaut  8. Toulouse-Lautrec  9. Angeline  10. Oahu  11. Heaven Scent  12. Gun Or A Lover  13. In Spite Of Everything    originally released 8/94 as Crackpot CD 1227.

Dollface Lights the Pilot!!!  (EXALT - 008):    1. Destiny, Oh Destiny  2. Rods and Cones  3. I Breakdown and Cry  4. Atlantis  5. I Light the Pilot  6. Monkey House  7. Perigee  8. TM    originally released 1/96 as Warm Jet 2001.

Dollface - Corvette Summer

Dollface Lights the Pilot!!!


Also coming February 14, 2014:

DOLLFACE  Corvette Summer (Ed Records version) cassette (INTENSIVE PURPOSES NUMBER FIVE)