Chokebore, Lark's Tongue & the Devil's Jukebox

Our friends over at The Sludgelord do a great job highlighting bands that fall into the stoner/doom/sludge/fuzz/post-metal/experimental/psych realm. They also put together stellar compilations, and Lark's Tongue was fortunate to be included on their latest. Our contribution, heretofore unreleased and exclusive to this release, is a cover of a Chokebore song. Though underappreciated even today, this mighty band made quite an impact on us going back to the good ol' AmRep days. Here's Jeff with the candid admission:

"Chokebore captured my heart in 1995. I remember distinctly the first time I heard their LP A Taste for Bitters. While other bands of the time embodied disillusionment through angst, Chokebore chose to articulate despondency and ennui in a more oblique and angular fashion. And so it is with 'Days of Nothing.' There were just a handful of reference points for Lark’s Tongue at the very beginning, and this song, with its stark approach and simple honesty, was a good indication of where we wanted to take things. It remains an inspiration and a touchstone for us. Thanks to Troy Von Balthazar, who was gracious enough to allow our version of his song to see the light of day. "

So get ye over to thee Sludgelord and download this beast.  It's a monumental package--four hours of music, 36 bands--and it's great from start to finish.