Vinyl of the Month

Lark's Tongue 7" is the top pick of the month in the new Performer magazine. Check it out here.

June 2013 - Performer magazine

Founded in Peoria, IL (of all places), Bird Dialect Records is home to its founders and psyche-rock masterminds Lark’s Tongue. Their debut 7-inch makes effective use of their moniker’s reference to King Crimson in both its tonality and overall badassitude. Engulfed in a thick layer of fuzzy, grunge-heavy guitar drones, Side A melts your face off with “The Rope.” But make no mistake; there are clear melodies to be found here, with standard song structures buried underneath the rubble of glorious noise. And is that a hint of Morrissey in the vocals? Hmm… In any event, fans of late-’80s Sub Pop singles will fall in love with this.

Side B’s no slouch, either. “Tucson, Arizona” is a fine track in its own right, replete with shimmering guitars, ’90s alt-drum grooves and spaced-out, yearning vocal lines. It trudges along at a stoner-approved pace, making it the perfect soundtrack to those late-night Dominos deliveries. Smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em…