Lark’s Tongue, Etc.

It seems like it’s been awhile. So here’s an update. We've been sort of quiet on the Internet lately but can assure you we have not been idle.

We finished recording the full-length at Earth Analog on Sunday. Thanks to Jeff Gregory for seeing us through this beast, and to Matt Talbott for being cool on every level. Sanford Parker will mix it in early 2014, for release in May or June. It’ll be a double LP. With a pretty sizeable accompanying book. As of yet, untitled.

@ Earth Analog with Jeff Gregory

In the meantime, we've been putting out records. So far this year we’ve released the Il Cattivo and Minsk LPs.  Next up is the Men of Fortune LP (with our own Andrew Sledd), and then reissues of two much-loved records by the early-‘90s Peoria band Dollface, who are amazing and meant a lot to us growing up.

(Complete your Bird Dialect collection here.)

We’re also planning a huge New Year’s Eve party for the Men of Fortune release, and another for the Dollface release on Valentine's Day. 

In other news...

Chris has been sighted baking goods to perfection and playing otherworldly music under the names Minsk, Sfumato and Kazanian.

Nate plays as Deceased Priest and with Sfumato, runs Intensive Purposes and Sabbath Records, and recently silk-screened hundreds of tornado relief shirts. His artwork is ubiquitous.

Andrew drums several nights a week whilst building houses and modeling unique lines of men’s outerwear.

Jeff was recently certified for lice inspection and is currently tied up in parent/teacher conferences.

Jon is playing soul records somewhere and worshipping this.

We play this Saturday, 12/14, in Peoria with Angry Gods and Yusuke, and next Friday, 12/20, in Champaign for the Earth Witch release show.

We’re also planning some Midwest dates in the spring and an East Coast trip in the summer. Drop us a line if you would like us to play your town, or if you have a suggestion for the title of our new album.