Happy New Year, friends.  It’s been some time since we wrote a comprehensive update for the blog. And we’ve got a lot going on, so a summary is in order.


Lark’s Tongue is getting ready to head south for nine days and tear up Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas. We've got some great shows with great bands lined up. Also working on a tour-only CD-R that packages tracks from the Lark's 7" and the MoF split together. Five tracks, 50 copies, EXALT-004.

We just played a warm-up gig in Chicago with The Swan King, Heaving Mass and Rabid Rabbit and had a blast!  Thanks to all our friends who came out! 

Test pressings for the Il Cattivo LP shipped yesterday and the record should be out beginning of March, maybe end of February if we're lucky.  I've been listening to it non-stop for the last two weeks and it gets better with every listen. When the last track ends, you wanna do it all over again. Can't wait for this to hit turntables!  

Oh yeah, and they just played with Quicksand last night!!  Our Cattivo brothers plan to hit the Midwest in the spring, and Lark's Tongue will be joining them for a few dates.


We're also putting finishing touches on our split 12" with Across Tundras. That will be released on Cavity Records, and super-stoked that it'll be gatefold!  Dan from Cavity is a good dude and we're stoked to be working with him. Two songs from each band, and the art features a killer woodcut from Travis Lawrence of Infinity Prints in St. Louis. 


And we continue to work on PR and distribution for the label.  It's slow but steady.  Just got word last week that Aquarius Records in SF is taking us on!  We're all HUGE AQ fans, so needless to say, we're pretty excited about that.

We'll have more shows to announce soon, and we'll start recording our full-length in the spring.  We're already refining concepts, plotting artwork, and consulting the new Ian Svenonius book for tips.  We feel good things coming in 2013, but for now, we’re ready to hit the road. 


  • 01.25 Collinsville, Illinois - w/DIBIASE, White Fire
  • 01.26 Memphis, Tennessee - w/Across Tundras, Tanks, Saurus
  • 01.27 New Orleans, Louisiana - w/Midnight Ghost Train, Endall
  • 01.28 Houston, Texas - w/Smoking Spore, Illegal Wiretaps
  • 01.29 San Antonio, Texas - w/The Grasshopper Lies Heavy, Slo-Poke
  • 01.30 Austin, Texas - w/Communion
  • 01.31 Denton, Texas - w/Communion
  • 02.01 Texarkana, Arkansas - w/TBA
  • 02.02 Little Rock, Arkansas - w/TBA