YOU - $$$ = US + :)

Last Friday's show with Brief Candles and Fahri should be considered an unmitigated success. Thanks to everyone who came out. You're better for having done so. Funny thing about those bands though, besides being totally great, they are both members of the Bands Who Have Released Records Club and you, the reader, should definitely look into buying those records. Click those links from earlier for details.

Membership in that club has so far eluded us. But those creeps at BWHRRC HQ better get their membership card printing press fired up because this fall we should have both the long awaited Men of Fortune split 12" and our very own 7" out. Finishing touches on the recording of the split are mere days away, while the recording of the 7" begins in a mere week and a half. We're funding the release of both ourselves and aside from mailing us a blank check (123 Fake St. Anytown, USA 90210, thanks in advance), you could buy a shirt. Here are some photos:

Goddammit, those are cool photos. Both are printed on high quality Alternative Apparel brand shirts and are $15. Send an e-mail to if you're interested.