We did it. Seven billion. Congrats everyone. High fives all around.

The last two shows were great successes. Probably because all involved are great people who do great jobs. High fives all around.

We have begun work on our impending split 12" with Men of Fortune. The Men completed their drum tracks three weeks ago. Us boys will complete ours in the next two weeks. Further tracking to follow. So, high fives all around.

Speaking of men, and drum tracks, we'd like to welcome our new drummer, Andrew Sledd. Two shows in and he's already become an asset. Background: He is also Men of Fortune's drummer, he plays an oak kit and he's been know to wear a cardigan with a Suffocation backpatch. High fives all to him.

Next show is November 26th at Red Barn with Chicago's onYou and Peoria's Brody Maag.