Just what the hell is rock n’ roll all about?  Stripping away artifice and holding the torch high, ACTION/ADVENTURE shares the answer… in muscular riffs and soaring choruses colliding: frayed energy, timeless passion, subtle dangers.

Smearing the dynamic pop hooks of Catherine Wheel with the glazed precision of Hum, ACTION/ADVENTURE scream of adulthood and small-town ennui at a time when rock aims short of import, wide of minutiae.

This charming band of elder statesmen—Sylvan Maloney (Kuwahara), Caleb Ogden (Magic Stuff), Brandon Isbell (Trip the Light Fantastic), Jake Bohannan (Brief Candles) and Chris Anderson (Tina Sparkle)—congregate with decades of know-how, crafting sharp rock n’ roll that aims for the gut. Hailing from the Midwest, naturally, theirs is a cynical sensibility that will fuck you up if you think too hard about it. Just tune into ACTION/ADVENTURE and turn it up.